June 4 – 6, 2019 | Edmonton EXPO Centre | Edmonton, Alberta

2017 Featured Presentations

Featured Presentations at WMTS have been carefully selected for their insights on the challenges our industry faces and for their thoughts on how to move forward.

Featured presentations will take place in The SME Patch on the WMTS exhibit floor and are complimentary for all registered attendees.

Creating Disruptions in Manufacturing

Tuesday, June 6 10:00 – 11:00 am

Dr. Lonnie Love, FSME
Corporate Fellow / Group Leader, Manufacturing Systems Research Group

Additive manufacturing has generated a great deal of interest making it difficult to discern hype from reality. Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility (MDF) is a public/private partnership focused on identifying and demonstrating high impact industrial applications of additive manufacturing. We will describe recent technological advances that are radically changing the additive manufacturing industry. Specifically, we will describe technological advances that directly impact the economics of additive enabling the development of microfactories where locally sourced materials can be transformed to locally manufactured products. Two examples are auto and wind turbine manufacturing.

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The Future Belongs to Those Who Are Fast!

Aligning to the Opportunity of Disruptive Trends in Manufacturing

Wednesday, June 7  10:00 – 11:00 am

Jim Carroll
Futurist, Trends, and Innovation Expert

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Are you ready for the new world of manufacturing? Collapsing product lifecycle. Mass customization. Digitization, robotics and the cloud. Design based on crowd thinking. Build to demand, as opposed to build to inventory, business models. The role of the Internet of Things in product innovation as well as manufacturing process innovation. Spatial-innovation with advanced manufacturing robotics. New materials and substances that allow for change in product development. Rapid prototyping, sketch to scale, and agility-based business model.

While the popular media and opportunistic politicians portray a picture of a sector in crisis, smart manufacturing executives are furiously busy with innovation, reinventing their capabilities, processes and business models using advanced ideas, materials, methodologies and technologies.

The reality of manufacturing today is that there is a big opportunity that comes from aligning to fast paced trends. What a time for innovation, opportunity and for insight from a great keynote that really puts all of these trends into perspective…

Futurist Jim Carroll will take us into a voyage about the current and future opportunities in the world of manufacturing. Some of the largest manufacturing and industrial organizations in the world have engaged Jim to help them think about opportunities for innovation. Jim recently keynoted the IMX – Interactive Manufacturing Exchange Congress in Las Vegas with an audience of over 2,000 senior manufacturing executives, and the BigM Manufacturing Summit in Detroit, as well as the American Manufacturing Summit in the same city. . Jim’s other manufacturing and industrial clients include • Magna International • United Technologies • Camstar Systems • Genesis Systems Robotics Siemens • PPG • Chrysler • Caterpillar • and many, many more.

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Creating the Manufacturing Workforce of the Future

Wednesday, June 7  1:00 – 2:00 pm

Sandra L. Bouckley, P. Eng, FSME
President, SME

Sandra L. Bouckley will discuss the current state of the manufacturing workforce, what this means for the future, how companies can help bridge the skills gap and the role of new technology in resolving workforce challenges. There are currently thousands of hard to fill manufacturing jobs and yet not nearly enough skilled workers to meet the demand. Ms. Bouckley will discuss the widening skills gap and the misconceptions around manufacturing and the need to get to young people to consider manufacturing jobs as a viable career choice.

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