June 4 – 6, 2019 | Edmonton EXPO Centre | Edmonton, Alberta

2017 Knowledge Pod Series

The Knowledge Pod Series enables industry leaders to engage face-to-face with leading Western Canadian manufacturers and industry observers. The Knowledge Pod Series consists of industry relevant topics and presentations over the three day event aimed at meeting the needs of a handful of participants per seating.

The interactive sessions will take place in in a casual setting with the host presenter sharing their valuable knowledge with the small group in an open dialogue format.

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3D Scanning for Manufacturing Applications

Ira Laughy, President, Rapid 3D Ltd   Biography
Ira Laughy brings over 20 years of experience to the field of 3D technologies. As a founding partner of Mecca Media Group in 1995 he and his business partner saw the huge potential of 3D modeling and animation technology to illustrate complex assembly, overhaul and operational procedures for everything from pumps to aircraft. In 2008 Ira founded Rapid3D as a way to harness the immense potential that emerging 3d scanning technologies had in all aspects of manufacturing, from design, inspection, historical preservation, scan to CAD modeling, the potential is continually expanding as the technologies continue to improve in all aspects of the industry.

Presenting: Tuesday, June 6 | Thursday, June 8

Ira will present a wide array of applications that 3D scanning and measurement have in the manufacturing industry. These will include part design, inspection, reverse engineering, creating 3D CAD models from worn or broken parts for modern manufacturing, and enabling additive manufacturing.


Additive Manufacturing for Demanding Applications

John Brown, Director, Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing, Javelin Technologies  Biography
John Brown is a Director of Additive Manufacturing at Javelin Technologies. Since 1998, through a series of progressive positions, John has enabled thousands of customers to improve efficiency and productivity, and jumpstart their business growth. At Javelin, where the aim is to inspire increasing numbers of organizations with the right 3D solutions, John has been integral in driving new business development.

Presenting: Tuesday, June 6 | Thursday, June 8

John Brown of Javelin Technologies will discuss Additive Manufacturing applications for local industries, where saving time and money is critical. Customer examples will be featured throughout the presentation, and a varied selection of 3D Printed examples will be on hand for attendees to inspect.


Funding for Shop-floor Innovation in the

Manufacturing Sector

Dileep Nair, Manager, SR&ED Services, BDO Canada LLP   Biography
Dileep has been helping clients file SR&ED claims related to new technologies in a variety of fields such as O&G services, manufacturing, IT, etc. His Electrical Engineering background and work experience has been beneficial in identifying potential projects and maximize client SR&ED claims. Dileep has also helped clients explore other innovation funding opportunities in Canada. He has participated in various speaking engagements focused on the manufacturing sector, presenting the SR&ED program and other government funding opportunities.

Pesh Patel, Partner, SR&ED Services, BDO Canada LLP  Biography
Pesh has over 35 years of manufacturing, research and restructuring experience at Nova Chemicals. While at Nova Chemicals, Pesh achieved millions of dollars in SR&ED tax credits.
For over 15 years he has focused on the Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program and has worked in the oil and gas, chemical, plastic manufacturing and pulp and paper industries.

Presenting: Wednesday, June 7 

Government incentive programs offer opportunities for Canadian companies to invest in innovation. Join us to learn how to leverage the various funding programs to maximize your benefits and facilitate growth.


Future of Robotics in Canadian Manufacturing

Radu Biris, Senior Account Manager, In-House Solutions  Biography
Radu Biris has over 15 years of software experience across a variety of industries, and has spent the last five years with In-House Solutions. He now focuses his efforts on Alberta, applying his combination of technical and sales experience to help companies find the right software solution that fits their needs. With a degree in mechatronics and robotics combined with years of industry exposure, Radu is an expert in 3D Mechanical Design, Management Business Solutions, Wireless Technology, Data Management Solutions, and Manufacturing Software Solutions, particularly those involving CNC and Robotics.

Presenting: Tuesday, June 6 | Thursday, June 8

With software solutions offered for both CNC and robotic manufacturing, In-House Solutions has a front row seat to what many are calling the next industrial revolution. As robots become more and more common, we’ll be speaking about how the manufacturing sector is evolving, which applications and industries we’re seeing as early adopters of industrial robots, and how software can come into play to tie all of this together.


Growth Through Product Innovation

Peter Basnak, Industrial Technology Advisor, National Research Council Canada  Biography
Peter Basnak joined NRC IRAP program in 2014, after 25 years of industrial engineering experience, mainly in the areas of process and performance improvements, gained in academia, research institutes, and both SMEs and MNEs.  He holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Manitoba. Peter started his engineering career with the Engineering Services Group at the Alberta Research Council (ARC). There he engaged with numerous manufacturing companies on Industrial Engineering projects to improve their manufacturing operations.

Presenting: Wednesday, June 7 

Join this discussion about the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP). IRAP is offered by the National Research Council Canada, to accelerate the growth of your business through innovation and technology.


How to Find New Export Markets in Times of Donald Trump and Brexit?

A Practical Step-By-Step Guide

Igor Chigrin, Export & Import Consultant, Win Global Partners  Biography
Igor Chigrin is an Export & Import Consultant with Win Global Partners. Igor has over 10 years of international business and trade experience in Canada and outside, living and doing business in 4 different countries on 3 continents. Igor’s specialty is bringing businesses outside their local markets. Igor is an author of several books, infographic materials, and guides on export and import downloaded by over 3500 international trade professionals. He is coaching entrepreneurs and business executives in building and expanding international trade businesses and is speaking on the subject at the industry events.

Presenting: Tuesday, June 6 | Thursday, June 8

Concerned with the uncertainty caused by Donald Trump and Brexit for your business? Come in with your concerns and walk away with the list of your new export markets.

How 3D Printing is REALLY Changing Machining

David deJong, President, Karma Machining & Mfg. Ltd. Biography
David was born in Toronto, but once he was old enough to realize his mistake, moved his family West to Edmonton, where he has remained for most of his life. A mechanical engineer, he’s enjoyed a career spanning the product life cycle, from research, design and development, manufacturing, and destruction with service in the air force.

Presenting: Wednesday, June 7 

There’s been a lot of popular hype about how additive manufacturing is going to revolutionize manufacturing by bringing distributed, on-demand manufacturing to everyone’s home. This may capture the public’s imagination, the reality is that machine tools will continue to dominate because of their speed, accuracy, material selection, and surface finish. However, additive manufacturing is having a big impact on the machining industry, but not in a way the public can see.

3D printing has become a very useful tool in a job shop’s arsenal. This presentation will show you many of the ways we’ve used our inexpensive 3D printers to expand the capabilities of our conventional machines. Rather than making parts for sale, we mostly use our printers to make useful things for the shop. We’ll discuss many examples of these, including work holding & positioning devices, jigs for guiding cutting tools, inspection tools, casting moulds, machine accessories, and shop organizers. And of course, the traditional prototypes and products that end up in our customers’ hands.



Low Energy Welding – What it Can Do for You

Nigel Scotchmer, President, Huys Industries Ltd  Biography
Nigel Scotchmer has over 35 years experience in manufacturing in Canada, the USA, Mexico and in Europe with both small, and large, national, and international, companies.  His innovative solutions to challenges and problems has led him to own and operate Huys Industries Limited, a manufacturing company with over 70 employees in four facilities in Canada, the USA and Mexico.  Huys specializes in welding and joining, primarily in the industrial, automotive and aerospace industries.  Nigel has published widely in the welding field, holds numerous patents and patents pending in the welding field, and volunteers with the American Welding Society, the Standards Council of Canada and ISO.

Presenting: Wednesday, June 7 

Come and see Low energy Welding (LEW) to see how to weld with no Heat Affected Zone (HAZ), and no residual stresses or deformation!


Moving to Predictive Maintenance for Air Quality Systems

Duncan Beaumont, Solutions Director, RoboVent Solutions Group  Biography
Duncan Beaumont is a Solutions Director for RoboVent, serving the Canadian Region. He brings more than ten years of project management and sales experience in industry and construction. In his current role at RoboVent, he helps manufacturing and industrial clients select and implement   air quality solutions to mitigate health and safety risks and ensure regulatory compliance. With a deep understanding of evolving regulations and dust collection technologies, he works with companies to balance regulatory, economic and health and safety needs and design the best overall system for their goals.

Presenting: Tuesday, June 6 | Thursday, June 8

Preventative maintenance is yesterday—predictive maintenance is the future. This session will explore the evolution of smart machines on the factory floor and how predictive algorithms are helping to extend equipment life, minimize energy consumption and reduce the maintenance burden.


Using Additive Manufacturing to Produce Your Metal Casting Requirements – From Legacy to Prototype

Steve Murray, AM Consultant to Foundry Industry, Hoosier Pattern Biography
Indiana University Mathematics degree, Journeyman pattern, mold and model maker. Steve has been using 3-D printing since 1997 in the support of the foundry industry and in patternshops. He has been a presenter at the 2013 thru 2015 RAPID conventions and has been a Presenter, Casting Track Leader and Moderator for the AM-UG (Additive Manufacturing Users Group) from 2013 thru 2017. Demonstrating how castings are made with the Foundry-In-A-Box, Steve trains and mentors the foundry community about additive manufacturing throughout North America.

Presenting: Wednesday, June 7 

Let’s talk about the 7 Types of AM and how you can use any of them to help make your metal castings. Shorter lead times, more design freedom and better control of your product development risk. Looking forward to talking and getting you on the move with AM technology in your supply chain!


Why Automate – Welding Productivity and

Cost Reduction

Nick Drake, Marketing Manager, Gullco International Ltd Biography
Nick Drake is a third generation family member of Gullco International a Canadian welding and cutting automation manufacturer. With a background in marketing Nick has taken his years of industry experience and has used his knowledge of modern media outlets to bring the message of the benefits of welding automation to a broader audience while improving the profile of Canadian made welding products worldwide.

Presenting: Tuesday, June 6 | Thursday, June 8

Learn how to overcome the steady and persistent decline in skilled welders and trades people, and the deterioration in the quality of welding, by using affordable welding automation solutions. These include automation carriages for the mechanization of welding procedures in the fabrication process to achieve improved productivity and weld quality with increased arc-on-time and reduced operator fatigue.


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