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2017 New Products

Don’t miss this chance to meet one-on-one with industry experts from leading manufacturing suppliers and learn how new products, processes and solutions can take your business to the next level. The following New Products are coming to WMTS and will be on display at the event:

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Axxess Industrial Supplies Inc.

Booth #434


Ohio Tool Works

World Class Honing Products and Honing Machines


Machining Intelligently with Confidence

Norton Abrasives

Abrasives, at the leading edge of innovation and service while delivering the most comprehensive solutions to our customers.

Hangsterfer’s Green Metal Working Lubricants

Our products will exceed your expectations without compromise to health, safety or environmental concerns.

CAG Purification Inc

Booth #621


The new CHILL-CUBE range of chillers are specifically designed to meet the stringent cooling requirements of today’s advanced equipment and processes. The Chill Cube Provides precise temperature control of chilled water while operating with varying loads in a variety of applications and industries.

CAMFocus Inc

Booth #248


ESPRIT is the ultimate machine tool solution, converting any CAD file, powering the entire line of any machine tool builder, and delivering accurate G-code for every machine tool with factory certified post processors. ESPRIT is the Right Choice!


hyperMILL® CAM software offers a wide range of machining strategies for the programming of even the most complex workpieces: from 2D, 3D, HSC milling and 5axis simultaneous machining, to mill turning with the millTURN module.

Elliott Matsuura Canada Inc

Booth #215

A Matsuura MX330

Matsuura Machinery Corp. has developed a new 5-Axis Machining Center model, MX-330. Based on the success of the MX-520 and MX-850 “big brother” models, this new smaller machine maintains a high performance to cost ratio responding to requests from the marketplace to reduce machine pricing.

Nakamura NTRX

Nakamura –Tome is the name associated with Multi-Tasking Turning machines. The new model NTRX features two spindles and B-Axis. Now available with the longer bed version, the NTRX-300L will provide customers with a multi-tasking turning solution for longer parts.


Carl Zeiss is the leading supplier of CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines.  The new VAST XTR sensor from Zeiss enables flexible and high accurate measurements with indexing active scanning.


HURCO’s signature line of updated VMX machining centers takes machining to the next level. These machines deliver high performance capabilities to any machining application.  Whether for batch production or die/mold work, the VMX mills will increase your profitability.

LVD-Strippit Dyna-Press

LVD-Strippit Dyna-Press series of electric press brakes provide fast, accurate and flexible bending solutions to customers looking for energy efficient and ergonomic solutions. The Dyna-Press is available with 12, 24, and 40 tons of bending force.

Epicor Software Corp

Booth #640

Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP is built on agile technology that eliminates complexity to make ERP easier to use while supporting today’s business imperatives: social collaboration, deployment flexibility, accelerated performance and broad device accessibility.

EXSYS Tool Inc

Booth #224


Small vertical machining centers are fast, compact and economical. pL LEHMANN has developed a very space-saving 5-axis rotary table for such machines with speeds up to 200 min-1 (highspeed). At a very attractive price as well.


If you want a shorter and faster C3, C4, C5 connection; look no further than the EXSYS COMPACTO™ Base Holder. There are 2 values that define the economics of a tool system. Compact design and speed of setting up.


We deliver customized solutions for every application at maximum precision. EXSYS has been known for over 20 years for providing advanced technology, reliability, and a dedication to precision. EXSYS EPPINGER gear technology at a glance: Custom made spiral, hypoid and zerol gears as well as the components for cycloidal and planetary gears.


Hougen Canada Inc

Booth #406

Ultra Low Profile Magnetic Drill

The new HMD130 Ultra Low Profile Portable Magnetic Drill is a small compact unit for making holes in confined spaces and for use in general steel fabrication.

Kuka Robotics Canada

Booth #540


The KR CYBERTECH family represent the world’s largest range of robots in the low payload category with the greatest power density. They are ideally suited to space-saving cell concepts and provide top performance and accuracy at exceptionally high speeds.

Lethbridge Iron Works

Booth #514

High Chrome Wear Iron

ASTM grade A532 Class 2 Type A 27% high chrome white iron is THE choice for high wear iron castings. For a broad range of wear applications such as: agricultural ground engagement parts, blast chamber liners, wear sleeve liners, impellers, and all other high-wear applications.

Marktech Inc

Booth #544

VF High Speed Automatic Door

High-Speed Vertical Fabric Roll-Up Keep Hazardous Operations Separate from People, Equipment, and Materials. Dynatect’s Gortite® VF Automated Machine Safety Door is intended for automation & safe machine access to minimize cycle time and maximize production time.

Mitutoyo Canada Inc

Booth #440


High-accuracy sub-micrometer digimatic micrometer is ideal for customers who need to make highly accurate measurements with a handheld tool. Enabling .000005”/ 0.1µm resolution measurement, this micrometer is ideal for customers who need to make highly accurate measurements with a handheld tool.

High performance 2D Measuring system

Mitutoyo’s LH-600EG linear height gauge boasts the world’s best-in-class accuracy. This sophisticated height gauge offers exceptional accuracy of (1.1+0.6L/600)μm* (* L = measured height in mm)

Nexwave Machinery

Booth #620

Semyx Genesis Waterjet

The Genesis waterjet system is affordable quality that provides the ideal system for many applications. The compact design of the GENESIS makes installation simple and allows the flexibility for the system to be used in a multitude of locations.

Kern Lasercell Cutting and Marking

The LaserCELL is a fully enclosed, high performance laser cutting and engraving system. Access points are available at the front, back and each side of the machine making part loading and maintenance simple and convenient.

Koike Monograph Extreme Plasma / Oxy Cutter

The Monograph Extreme makes advanced Plasma and thermal cutting affordable to smaller shops. It features a unitized downdraft table design, keeping the overall footprint as compact as possible.

Nexwave Robotic Handler

We specialize in the design, manufacture, assembly, and offline programming of robotic cutting systems. We offer waterjet, plasma, laser, router, machining, grinding / deburring, material handling, assembly, and cleaning systems.


Polygon International Technology Inc.

Booth #539

Steel Materials

Steel Tube, Steel Bar and Angle. Standard products in conformity with ANSI, ASTM,CSA and the customized products from the design, prototype to manufacturing according to our customers’ specification.

Print Your Mind 3D

Booth #413

Ultimaker 3 3D Printer

The new Ultimaker 3 is engineered for high uptime, fast changeovers and reliable, consistent results. Print complex functional prototypes, manufacturing tools and high-detail mechanical parts with industrial-grade build and water soluble support material combinations.

Lulzbot Taz 6 3D Printer

The LulzBot TAZ is a robust desktop 3D printer for industrial users engineered with industry-leading specifications and capabilities, including tool head upgrades and a large print area.

Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printer

Based on the award-winning Ultimaker 2 and Ultimaker 2 Extended and featuring all Ultimaker’s latest innovations and understanding of 3D printing, the Ultimaker 2+ and the Ultimaker 2 Extended+ are two of the most advanced, accurate and reliable desktop 3D printers around.

Ultimaker Filaments

Ultimaker filaments are formulated to ensure the highest print quality and cover a wide range of applications. Enjoy a seamless 3D printing experience with our optimized Cura profiles or easily customize them for your needs.


Renishaw Canada Ltd

Booth #617

Equator 300

Equator is a flexible gauge, designed to provide speed, repeatability and ease of use for manual or automated applications, which is why hundreds of manufacturers worldwide are replacing their current gauging method with Equator.


Booth #535

The RoboVent Extractor™

The RoboVent Extractor™ integrates a high-performance welding gun with a powerful source extraction system, so fumes are captured as they are generated. The Extractor is intended for use in MIG and GMAW welding processes that employ shielding gases.

Rocky Mountain Motion Control

Booth #529

80/20 Inc

80/20 is a T-slot aluminum building system you can use to construct virtually anything. From machine guards to robot arms and racing simulators to workstations, 80/20 is a product for individuals, industries and businesses alike.

Schunk Inc

Booth #319


Vero-S set up changes are reduced by 90% with this fast, extremely accurate quick change, workholding, and positioning system. Sync your workholding with your machine for ultimate spindle uptime today!

SIC Marking Canada

Booth #631

Newest e1 Range Battery Powered – the EMARK !

The lightest portable Dot Peen Marking System on the market, battery-powered, fully autonomous! Marking materials up to 62HRC. Perfect for the identification of heavy, large, or difficult to access parts.

Newest e1 Range – Column system – the EC1 !

Standalone dot peen column system, perfectly suited for table top marking small or medium parts up to 62HRC. The ec1 column-mounted dot peen marking system is suited for table top marking in any industrial environment. Ideal for marking small to medium sized parts, its working speed, consistent quality, and reliable accuracy make it a highly efficient marking machine.

Newest e1 Range Battery Powered – the EMARK XL !

Same Cordless Battery-Powered Dot Peen technologies – now with a bigger marking window. 120 x 40mm. This portable engraving machine has the ability to be totally autonomous thanks to its integrated battery. It is perfect for identification of heavy, large and difficult-to-access parts.

Newest Economical Laser Marking System – LBOX-E

Low-cost efficient 20W Laser Marking System. SIC Marking’s L-Box Laser Marking System was engineered with the energetic bustle of industrial environments in mind. It is equipped with a high powered, pulsed wave ytterbium-doped fiber laser that is easy to operate, even for users with minimal training in laser technology.

Tnt Tools Inc

Booth #627

Carbide Standard and Specialty Tools

End Mills, Drills, Reamers, Step Tools, Form Tools, Milling Cutters, Special Radii, Chamfers, Angles, Single or Multi Flute Cutters, complete regrind and re-coating program.

Wachs Canada Ltd

Booth #654

DynaPrep MDSF Split Frame

Rugged yet highly portable, DynaPrep offers unmatched form tooling capability on heavy wall pipe including hard to machine high alloy materials. Designed for cutting, beveling, facing, counterboring and flange facing nominal pipe sizes from 2in-60in O.D.


Booth #261

Quintolubric – Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids

WestChem has partnered with Quaker Chemical Corporation to offer the world’s leading line of Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids. Ask about Synthetic Water Free Fluids (HFD-U Fluids), Water Glycol Fluids (HFC Fluids), and High Water Content Fluids (HFA Fluids).

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